The "Geospatial Applications, Remote Sensing and 3D Modelling in Cultural Heritage" workshop is fully booked!

You can still apply for the “Analytical Techniques in Cultural Heritage” at the following button.

Following the success of last year’s ARISTEAS Workshops, we are pleased to announce that two specialized workshops will be held on 14-16 October 2021 aiming to provide an overview of the newest developments in the fields of Remote Sensing, 3D Modeling and Archaeometry to archaeologists, conservators, researchers and other employees in Cultural Heritage.

Geospatial Applications, Remote Sensing and 3D Modelling in Cultural Heritage: This seminar serves as a practical introduction in the application of Remote Sensing, Modeling and Photogrammetry in Cultural Heritage. Specific case-studies of applications in Greek sites will be discussed to highlight the potential for documenting and interpreting historical landscapes, monuments and artefacts. Hands-on experience on the use of commonly applied techniques will be provided (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV, GPS, 3D laser, portable 3D scanner for small artefacts), as well as basic training in the evaluation of data via specialised software (GIS, photogrammetry, 3D modelling).

Analytical Techniques in Cultural Heritage: This seminar provides a short guide through some of the most common analytical techniques applied in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (petrography, electron microscopy, XRF, Raman). Emphasis will be given on the range of practical applications and the potential of each technique for the study of different types of archaeomaterials. Hands-on experience will be provided on the application of the most significant techniques in archaeological research.

Workshops October 2022

Both workshops will take place in the facilities of the LA@UOP, in the campus of the University of the Peloponnese, in Kalamata. Detailed information on the timetable of the lectures and practical sessions for each seminar will be available shortly. Attendance to the workshops and coffee/lunch breaks is free of charge. Additionally, all participants will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance. Transport to and from Kalamata and the accommodation costs are not provided.

Employees and researchers in the fields of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology are welcome to apply! To apply, please fill in this form by October 5, 2022. A strict first-come first-served basis will be applied.